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Kathryn Trueblood

Western Washington University English Dept.
Bellingham, Washington
My work is situated firmly in the medical humanities. I have been awarded the Goldenberg Prize for Fiction and the Red Hen Press Short Story Award. My newest novel, _Take Daily as Needed_ portrays mothering while chronically ill with the desperado humor I believe the subject deserves (University of New Mexico Press, September 2019). Much of it is based on my own experience. My previous novel, _The Baby Lottery_, dealt with the repercussions of infertility in a female friend group (a Book Sense Pick in 2007). My story collection, _The Sperm Donor’s Daughter_, takes a look at assisted reproduction and received a Special Mention for the Pushcart Prize in 2000. I am professor of English at Western Washington University. and a faculty member of The Red Badge Project, a non-profit organization serving active duty soldiers and veterans in Washington through the use of storytelling techniques.