C.C. Alick

Claude Alick was born on the island of Grenada in the Caribbean and attended public schools. Upon graduation and recognition of his limited prospects on the island, he took to the sea, working as a deckhand on several charter yachts, getting a feel for the customs and traditions of people outside of Grenada and keeping a diary about his travels. An opportunity to Emigrate to the United States presented itself and he took full advantage, attending schools in Portland, Maine, and Memphis, Tennessee, where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in economics. After graduation and armed with his newly acquired credentials, the travel bug bit him again. Eventually, Claude became a citizen of the United States and ‘Walked off to Look for America’ as Simon and Garfunkel had sung about. He wrote and published a collection of short stories, Wet Storage and other stories and a novel, Dancing with the Yumawalli. In that interval, he worked as a mechanic, vacuum cleaner salesman, and a bartender. He finally settled in Missoula, Montana, where he still lives and writes.

In Once on the Isle of Spice, find infectious magical realism produced by the Afro Caribbean religion called Obeah. Bewildering murder mystery wrapped around three love stories. An escape from prison, all set on the island of Grenada.